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Why You Should Utilize Rental Items for Your Wedding and How to Get Them!

If we all know two things, it is that weddings are huge time and money consumers. Many people fall in the trap that it is better to just purchase and own everything for their wedding, but that doesn't always work out best economically.

Some venues do have their own tables, linens, and chairs but depending on how they factor it into the final total, that could end up being more expensive than rentals. Also, finding a venue that provides all of these things can leave you to have very limited options. If you are not finding a venue you like because you feel constricted, take a look at some blanker canvases and let us help you fill in the details!

Rentals can give you a lot of flexibility with how the space looks once completed. Not only with colors, but textures, type of table and chairs, and type of china as well. It allows you to mix and match elements that a provided set or limited amount of linens would not permit for.

Even though you are spending a decent amount on the big day, that doesn't mean you need to be stuck with where to store everything afterwards. Some items, as we will discuss below, will actually make the day better if they just show up and leave for you!

There are really six main things we think are much easier to rent than to purchase. Many of them are in the photo below, and we attached that, because it can be extremely costly for you to purchase all of the items yourself. Then, also depending on the size of your wedding, you could be stuck with a lot of things you won't ever in that quantity be able to use again. But no fear here, we break them down for you below and the reason to consider the rental option!

Image from Celebration Society

Tents and Structures

This is a rather large item, and one of which you will most likely never use again, or at least this type of tent. Another big reason to go the rental route for a tent, is a safety reason. A rental company is going to set this up for you an do all of the heavy lifting. Not only is that less work for you, but they are the expert and it will therefore stand correctly and for the duration of your event.

Chandeliers and Other Lighting

Making your space sparkle is very fun and elevates the event to a new level, but it should not have to go home with you at the end of this all. You will never have a space big enough to hang that many twinkle lights, and hopefully if there is a spot for a chandelier in your home - there is also already a chandelier. Lights also involve electrical and hanging work, you don't need to be getting a degree in that while you simultaneously plan your wedding. We know you are talented and amazing, but no need to be that good!

Bars and Accompanying Glassware

You and your guests should just be able to enjoy the benefits of having a bar in the space, if you are looking to have one at your wedding. Trust us, having a bar appear and disappear out of thin air is an amazing thing! Additionally, if you rent all of the glassware it makes it even simpler and you get to pick the type of glasses. If you are just looking to serve drinks at the table, we still recommend renting just the glassware then, because I know those kitchen cabinets look big, put once you place 100+ glasses in them, they will suddenly appear to be much smaller.

Furniture and Chairs

There are many options in this category. You have the option to make the chairs and furniture you use at many locations throughout the event. For example, chairs you rent can be used at the ceremony and the reception, leaving you with a lower grand total. Additionally, surrounding furniture can be used for early arrivers that you do not want to enter the ceremony space yet and then brought to another location for a cocktail hour, or placed in the reception. Furniture can really change the overall look of the event, if you have the budget for it. I am sure you do not want 150 gold chairs or an additional couch and coffee table in your newlywed home though. Tables are also another item that is just so much simpler to have delivered to you, and when renting you typically get more sizes to pick from.

China and Chargers

Your wedding will most likely have a very specific look, theme, and colors. With that being true, your everyday china will most likely not be that fancy or specific. Another reason to rent all of the china and flatware is then you will not be responsible for cleaning it. With a rental company, all the items will be given to you packaged and clean and then you return them in crates after they have been used. Some will require a quick rinse to remove large food particles, but that is something the catering team can easily do.


This is another category that with renting the items can leave you with a lot less clean up and set up. Rental locations have large, industrial sized steam presses, unlike the average consumer. If you rent all the table clothes and napkins they will be presented to you pressed, cleaned, and packaged. Once the event is over you place them all in a bag and there ya go! A rental company is also going to have a much larger selection, most likely, than the ones provided with the venue. You will be able to actually get your colors through this!

Now...How do I Get These Rentals?

Go into the showroom! Let me say it again, just for good measure - go in and physically look at the showrooms. There is more likely than not more than one rental company in your area. Going into the showroom yourself is good for a couple of reasons:

1. Meet the Staff. This is a big day for you, and you want to make sure all the people you have to work with on the day of will be the best fit for you.

2. See the Options They Have in Person. It will be difficult to match colors, pick out plates, and decide on flatware over the phone. Going in will not only help you best get what you want, but the company to provide exactly what you are looking for. Here at Purdon's we will even set a table up for you!

3. Ask Questions. There could be hidden fees, and it is much easier and more effective to go in and ask for them upfront. Some things you would want to ask about would be price of specific delivery times, damaged item fees, and what could cause the price you have quoted to change once you purchase.

Once you are able to go in, make sure you section off enough time to really look at and talk through options. There is no good outcome for a rushed visit! You will be quoted for the items of choice and to reserve, there will at least be a deposit. For last minute reservations you might need to pay all upfront, so keep the time frame in mind.

Rentals can be very simple and very stress free! We would love to help you take the next steps to secure items from those 6 categories we talked about earlier. Purdon's Rental and Sales is open Monday-Friday 10am-5pm and on Saturday's 9am-12pm. You are more than welcome to call and set up a consultation at (859) 266-1197 or head to our website!


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