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Using Our Online Rental Request System
Is it safe to rent using your website?
Yes. When you shop at your rental request order is secured through the use of a security key and SSL encryption, the most common website security method in use today. Look for the lock icon in the bottom-right-hand of your browser to know when a web page is secure. Only pages where a customer enters sensitive information are secured.Security should be less of a concern to our online customers because our rental request system does not require sending payment information online. We take many other security precautions with our customers' data. You can learn more about our security efforts by visiting our shopping security page.

Why is my cart empty after previously adding items to it?
Our system is designed to allow a visitor to the site the ability to add items to a virtual shopping cart. By use of a session Cookie, we are able to tie you to the cart you are actively building.Because we don't want to clutter your system with long-term Cookies, our system will purge any session where there has been inactivity for longer than 90 minutes. From time to time, a session might be dropped for various reasons like the need to restart the server. This might be the reason for your cart no longer displaying any items in it. If you find that your cart is suddenly empty, try adding the items to it again. Be sure to keep your cart active by adding items or proceeding with your order. If this fails, contact us and we will be more than happy to take your order by phone.

If I proceed with Checkout, does your system require me to pay online by credit card?
Not at all. Our system isn't designed to complete an order, but rather to allow you the ability to submit a rental request. Only after our staff reviews your request and confirms item availability will we present your reservation for acceptance and payment.

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