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Headed to the Farm! Tips to Throw a Farm Wedding!

To start, we wanted to make a distinction from the beginning, there is a difference between a barn and a farm wedding, they each bring their own special elements! Themes are very flexible though, so don't let that stop from mixing the two. We wanted to take this space to look through all of the main portions of a traditional farm wedding!

Let's Go on an Adventure!

Image from Rustic Chic

1. The Drapery

Farm weddings typically occur in a very open space, leaving you a lot of room to mix textures and fillers to better define the space. Using drapery helps to fill in gaps between large harder pieces, like the doors to the right.

This can also be a way to make the farm wedding more luxurious if you are looking to dress up the space. Farm weddings are more known for a casual and straight from the ground to table feel, but don't shy away from bringing some elegance to the space - if that is what you desire.

Drapery can be done in any color, white is going to give you a clean and fresh linen look, which does tie in the best to a farm feel, but truthfully anything works!

Image from Intimate Weddings

2. Caring for Guests in the Outdoors

Providing ways for your guests to be more comfortable on the farm is one easy way to just make the day best for everyone. Since farm venues typically have the entire event outside there are many things that could be going on with the surroundings.

Intimate Weddings gives a great example of providing bug spray to help keep the itchies away. Other things to give guests would be blankets or fans to help keep them comfortable depending on changes in temperature.

Lastly, a unique idea would be to have flip flops or flats that would be available incase the shoes they wear do not work well with the grass or other environmental elements.

Photo from

3. Using Farm Items

There are many options you could choose from whether it be jars of homemade jam, handmade soaps, or honey. The one we highlight here is using seed packets a favors for guests.

They stepped it up a notch in presentation as well, through having the packets in dirt in the wheel barrow! Something like this is very easy to do and inexpensive, but at the same time it really allows the theme to peek through your event.

4. Hay is Not Just for Horses!

Hay can be incorporated in numerous ways at your farm wedding, and we think it is really the main element you could add to speak to your theme of choice.

Wedding Forward shows how the bales can be used for seating at the ceremony. This can be done in a couple of other ways though. The plank of wood over the bales allows for you to space them out a little more, and potentially use less bales in the end. Another way you could utilize them is to just place bales one after another. We would recommend placing quilts or blankets on top for added comfort but that style works just as fine!

Finally, as you see in the bottom photo, the hay bales can be used as surrounding furniture at the reception or cocktail hour. Using lounge furniture has become very popular, for a farm wedding why not customize it to your theme!

This photo demonstrates a large couch and coffee table, but you can make a love seat, lounge chair, or simple benches. Truly, whatever you are looking for you can just build!

Image from Easy Weddings

5. Farm Florals and Produce

This is another spot in the wedding where you can include the fresh homegrown farm elements, and that is in the florals!

Whether it be your bouquet or the center pieces, a fun way to tie in the theme is to use the flowers and greenery you have around you at the venue. You can also add in little hair pieces as you are getting ready!

Additionally, this idea can spread into other decor. For centerpieces you can use actual fruit and vegetables instead of having all or any florals. Each season brings its own array of produce to use, and after the wedding it can actually be consumed!

Farm weddings give guests a way to enjoy not only your big day but the great outdoors. Before pursuing this really make sure this is what you want for the entirety of your day. Again, since it is outside you will be letting the weather kinda make the event. There are many things you can do to best prepare for all options, and we would love to help you out with that! Happy theme hunting!


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