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All the Expectations Rental Companies Have to Help Best Serve You

Now, we can't speak for all rental companies, but we can speak for ourselves. When heading into your rental process, and even if it is impossible for us to help you out, we would like to at least help you make the process as simple as possible!

If Purdon's Rental and Sales if able to help you out with our rental items then this list will especially be great because it is a step by step process compiled by all of our staff! The whole purpose of us generating this list for you is to best serve you for your big day. We promise to not oversell or be the typically salesman pushy approach with you, we are only coming from a place of helping you get the best service. How we phrase it is asking for the complete picture, and the more details we have of that the more accuracy we can provide you with - which in turn makes everyone less stressed!

Now, before we begin this journey the first thing you will want to do is call (859) 266-1197 and make an appointment to come into our store. This is the absolute best place to start because having you in the store with us will allow for better communication and less forgotten details. When setting this appointment allow for at least an hour of time to be blocked off so you do not feel rushed. That may seem like a lot now, but once we get in here there really are a lot of options and we do have the ability to set a table for you to see it in real time, and we promise it is worth it! Now, let's launch into the rest!

Step One - Preparation

For your appointment there are a couple of details that would be best to come prepared with. We also know that typically all of these decisions have more than one person's input required, and because of that we recommend arriving with the people you would need to make these choices. Just like dress shopping though, their can be too many opinions - like on Say Yes to the Dress when there are 10 people squeezed in that little couch area it can be a lot. So just keep that in mind - we are looking out for you here :)

We will ask the seven main questions right at the beginning of your appointment, so be thinking about the answers and write them down or have them compiled.

We recommend doing some preliminary research and look for photos like the ones on the left. We found all of these on Pinterest from companies like WedNova, Elegant Wedding Invites, and FabMood. These are great because they show color and overall look, which will be great for us in helping you cover all those details!

The Seven Main Questions

1. When and where is the big day?

2. How many people will be in attendance?

3. What is your budget for rentals?

4. Is the budget flexible or strict?

5. What is the inspiration for your day?

6. What are your colors?

7. Do you have a theme?

It is ok if you do not have the for sure answers to questions #6-7 because we can help you pick colors you like and pair them well with themes during your visit. The first 5 questions are very important though for a couple of reasons. Mainly, we will not be able to give you an accurate quote without them. Further, each question will get broken down below here:

For question #1, depending on the time of the year and location delivery might look a little different. This will also lean into the availability we have and the other orders that have already been placed for that time.

Looking to question #2, this one will completely determine what you can get and how much everything will cost. We price things per item, and due to this for items like glassware, flatware, and china we will always suggest to give a realistic number. A realistic number means actually thinking about how many people will respond yes to the RSVP and then adding a little to that. For you quote we suggest at the beginning to at least start with giving us the amount of people you invited in total, and then we can go down from there.

Question #3 and #4 go together, but it is important to answer them separately and in detail. For the budget, if you want to give a range that is fine, but make sure that all dollar amounts in that range are ok for you to spend. Coming in with this number prepared before looking at all of the options, because then we will only show you items that are actually possible! To explain question #4, really we mean is the range or number you give us non-negotiable or are you able to adjust it if there is item you would really like to include?

Finally, question #5 helps us to best determine the style of items to show you based off of the overall look you are looking for. This could be just you letting us know of the theme you are basing everything off of, if you are hosting a more casual/formal, or non-traditional/traditional wedding. Any and all of these are great pieces of information to best pick the details for your big day.

Step Two - Mindset

Today is the day to come in for your appointment, and rentals can involve a lot of little decisions, especially if you are having to get everything. Due to this we have a couple of suggestions to consider before arriving for your appointment. Attend this time with people you are comfortable with giving suggestions and offering their opinion. Eliminate distractions while at your appointment. It is very beneficial for both of us if you and your guests are not on their phones. If there is someone really important that can't be present on the day of, have them facetime in - this way they can still interact with us and the other attendees. Finally, just don't be rushed, come with all your answers from before written down, and have any questions you have for us written down as well.

Image from Ruffled Blog

Step Three - Deciding on Items & Reserving

Now that we have talked through all of the items and asked each other all of the questions we have, it is the final decision time.

For Purdon's Rental and Sales we require a deposit to secure the items you have requested. This importance of this step is we want to make sure you get the exact items you are looking for in the quantity you requested. This can be very important depending on the season your big day is in. We can only take so many orders a week and during peak wedding seasons we do fill up quickly.

We will not expect you to place a deposit at the end of your appointment, we just ask you let us know ASAP when you are ready to reserve. Additionally, you do not have to come into the store to place a deposit at a later date!

Details are bound to change throughout this process after your initial appointment with us, and because of this the next and last couple of steps will be important! With these next few steps, the amount of communication we receive from you will aid in turn around time and availability for customization.

Image from Pretty Good Ideas

Step Four - Updated Info

As the true guest count actually comes about and catering meetings occur let us know of any changes or updates. The faster we are given information the more flexibility we will have with options we can provide. Some items are able to be ordered, but that takes time. Additionally, the deposit you place is for the order makeup and quantities we have there. If quantities need to increase in anyway that is dependent on the other orders at that time that are already reserved. Make sure to show your caterer and venue coordinator the list of rentals you had planned for to make sure they do not need anything else or they might even have suggestions specific to their space or company.

Image from Weddings Online

Step Five - The 10 Day Mark

It is officially getting down to the wire! When that pretty and exciting sign of yours marks 10 days out that is our cutoff ! After that, you are not able to make any changes to your order for rentals here at Purdon's Rental and Sales - if you are with another company this is a very very important date to find out in your process.

Some tips for sealing in the final details, is to have someone who is aware of the wedding details (can answer the 7 main questions from earlier briefly) but has not been involved in the back and forth of the rental process. It is their job to read the order list line by line and make sure everything makes sense according to the number of guests you are going to have.


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